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Never before have we been so busy, and we are becoming increasingly busier every year. We are stretched in so many directions to meet the needs of ourselves, our partner, our unborn baby, our new baby, toddler, preschooler, friends, relatives, or boss, the list is endless. Stress, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and resentment can overcome us and impact on our intimate connections with those we love most. Relationships underly all of our emotional grievances.

Learn how I can help you be the best version of you
and grow healthy attachment relationships through my webinars.

An Intro to Compassion

This is my favorite and most relatable video demonstrating compassion. An essential quality to install for the greater good of your young family and to humanity at large – Thank you Abby Lammers.

After Linda explained things to us from a child's point of view and gave us some strategies, we saw a major positive difference in our daughter's behaviour in two weeks... it changed the dynamic in our family from stressful to happiness.
- Lyndal

Linda is an experienced psychologist and she is very reliable and warm… She provides very helpful strategy to cope with my emotions as a young mother
and also to deal with the behaviour of a toddler.

– Patricia

Our time with Linda since we lost our twin boys has been invaluable to our healing journey. ... The tools and skills that Linda helped us develop has allowed us to see our grief in a different light that has lightened the load of our guilt, grief and suffering.
- David
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